the people's art project

high quality, limited edition original artwork for less than $100

If you are someone who has always loved art and has always wanted to start an art collection of their own. If you are someone who doesn’t want to settle for cheap generic art reproductions or mass produced art that thousands of other people likely have hanging on their walls, but at the same time are someone who doesn’t want to (or more likely can’t) spend half of their month’s rent on artwork, then it is likely that you are being deprived by a broken system and are often finding yourself on the outside looking in when it comes to the art world.

the problem

a broken system, which has become increasingly profit driven & inaccessible,  is actively preventing the majority of people from participating in the art world in anyway, and is ultimately depriving most of society from ever experiencing the immense value that one experiences from owning art, collecting, or creating art.

"Art is not a luxury, art has always been for the people and art is something that should be accessible by everyone in one form or another"

the art industry is broken

but we are here to change that

we believe everyone should be able to experience art in one form or another. we believe consumers should have more opportunities to participate in the giving economy. we believe consumers have the right to demand more from the business they support with their hard-earned money. and we think you deserve a better shopping experience.

a solution: the people's art project

the people’s art project is a platform that offers socially conscious art collectors of every income bracket accessible and affordable original artwork within an impact-focused business model that prioritizes increasing access and impact through art, as well as the maximization of value provided by a transaction every time someone purchases a piece of art. 


simple. practical. effective.

bringing art back to the people

kellan david has over a decade’s worth of experience as a socially conscious entrepreneur working on impact focused projects and living out his purpose through creative expression based in love and compassion so the people’s art project is a natural extension of the work he is already doing as a creative

he hopes this project will allow him to expand his impact while serving as a powerful tool to do good in the world, to create change, to spread love, and most importantly as a tool capable of bringing art back to the people while simultaneously demonstrating the unparalleled power of art as means to make the world a better place. 

the people's art project "prints for impact" series by kellan david now available

buy a print/make a donation

100% of your donation and the profit from every print goes directly to organizations fighting for accessibility to the arts, social justice and a more sustainable future

support the people’s art project, get a limited edition print

you get all of this value when you buy a print

give back to local communities

15% of profits are donated to the armory foundation in support of increasing accessibility of the arts in underrepresented communities

help protect the planet

10% of profits are donated to environmental orgs, evenly distributed between 1% for the planet, stand for trees and 1 tree planted

active allyship

with your purchase you are supporting black culture, black artists and black-owned small businesses

art made just for you

every print is a unique, 1 of 1 piece hand-embellished, signed and numbered by the artist + includes a custom imprint & certificate of authentication

archival inks

we use the highest quality & eco-friendly, fade resistant pigmented inks, which provide a superior color range and will last for generations

professional medias

we use professional grade fine art paper that resists yellowing & aging + features a silky textured finish

art you can actually afford

each drop will include offerings at a range of different price points & will offer flexible payment options

feature nonprofit organizations

Make a donation — 100% of your donation goes directly to organizations fighting for social justice, education and the arts.

customers reviews

what kellan david's collectors have to say?

your art aligns with not only my aesthetic but my personal values and beliefs. putting art in my space that aligns with who I am adds more to my space than i can quantify.
c. johnson
your art is visually stunning but that’s the least of it. your art is a movement. your art is the amalgamation of so many things that I love and am fiercely supportive and protective of. your art is love and joy and community.
j. christiansen

our first drop is live, don’t miss out

start your journey as an art collector today!

support the people’s art project and get a limited edition print. the proceeds from every print go directly to organizations fighting for accessibility to the arts, social justice and a sustainable future

tpap x kellan david, fine art print no. 1, 2021

11"x14" (edition of 250)

reasonably priced

prints start for under $100, flexible payment options are available

musuem quality

archival, fade resistant pigmented inks, and professional grade fine art paper that resists yellowing & aging

limited edition

hand-embellished, individually signed & numbered


25% of profits from all prints are donated to nonprofit partners working on social + environmental issues

(edition of 250)


you can get all of this value instantaneously, in addition to the on-going value provided by owning original artwork that can be handed down for generations, all for less than $100! 

choose the best size for your space!


"the people's size"
$ 99 *or four payments of $20


"collector's size"
$ 150 *best value


"artist proof"
$ 450 *includes free frame
edition of 10