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100% of your donation and the profit from every print goes directly to organizations fighting for accessibility to the arts, social justice and a more sustainable future

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"prints for impact"

the people’s art project “prints for impact” series showcases emerging socially conscious, contemporary artists and invites them to reflect upon causes that impassion them and to create new editions that benefit charities and organizations of their choosing. presented quarterly, it follows the people’s art project’s guiding mission of utilizing contemporary art as a vehicle for accessibility, impact and social change. through collaboration with a rotating roster of emerging creatives in the art and cultural sphere, as well as organizations working on important social and environmental issues, prints for impact further enables the people’s art project to support artists’ practices while addressing a multitude of challenges that face the global community today. 

CONTEMPORARY ART FOR THE SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS COLLECTOR. The People’s Art Project is on a mission increase the accessibility of art while simultaneously re-defining the value proposition of b2c transactions. Every drop will feature exceptionally high quality, original artwork created by artist, Kellan David, and offered at manageable price points. The People’s Art Project donates a minimum of 20% of the net proceeds of from every drop to a carefully selected group of non-profits to affect positive change in the world. While we do prioritize accessible price points, we ultimately price each product so that in addition to the amount donated, the artist is also able to maintain a meaningful portion of proceeds under the belief that direct investment in black artists is vital to a thriving black arts community. 

OUR PRINTS (AKA THE REAL MVPs).  We LOVE fine art prints and we think you should too! Not only are fine art prints are an amazing addition to any art collection.  Not only are fine art prints brilliant alternatives to original paintings – thanks to innovations in the use of archival inks and papers – they can also be sold at more reasonable price points and be produced at scale, which is why we consider them to be the most important (and effective) method available to artists who want to make their work more accessible. All of our fine art prints feature original artwork by Kellan David and are limited edition pieces that are hand-embellished + hand-signed & numbered by the artist. This means every piece sold is a unique, one of a kind, limited edition product that only the collector who purchases it can say they own. We live in a time where there are more options to buy art prints than there has ever been, but most art prints are sold as exact replicates and quality is less of a priority than selling as many prints as possible – so the ability to purchase a one of a kind print is a major value add for collectors, and something that Kellan wanted to make sure was available to all of his collectors not just the ones who can afford to pay a premium price for it.  

OUR COLLECTORS (AKA THE PEOPLE AKA YOU!).  The People’s Art Project is a platform for impact-focused creative expression, featuring innovative and collaborative projects that not only benefit important social + environmental causes, but also support black artists, and prioritize diversity at every level of participation in the project. This makes The People’s Art Project a destination for any art collector who wants to affect change, or who cares about the planet, or who wants to celebrate black artists + support black-owned businesses. We cater to new and seasoned collectors alike, offering the chance to acquire museum-quality prints, and a variety of other products, at an affordable price point or highly priced original paintings from contemporary artist, Kellan David, who is rapidly emerging as one of the most impressive contributors to the next generation of great American artists. Ultimately it is Kellan David’s incredible range as an artist that allows The People’s Art Project to offer products desirable to even the most seasoned art collector, while also ensuring that the budding art collector can feel confident buying art for the first time. 


art for the socially conscious collector

increasing accessibility & creating impact through art, while simultaneously raising the bar for the type of value consumers should expect from businesses when they shop

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