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the people's art project x kellan david

kellan david is the creator of The People’s Art Project and the individual behind the project’s philosophy of using an impact-focused business model to affect positive change in the world.

kellan has spent the last decade as an activist, creative & socially conscious entrepreneur, operating daily under the belief that love & compassion can conquer all things. especially when they are the emphasis & guiding principles for creative expression and meaningful social engagement they are tools capable of solving even the world’s most difficult challenges.

contemporary artwork & innovative art-centric experiences for the socially conscious art lover

why now?

If you ask kellan, the people's art project is a natural progression for his creative contribution to society – the culmination of 10 years of purpose-driven work, which have allowed him to gain the necessary experience + develop the broad set of creative abilities he needs to be able to provide the most value & have the greatest impact on the world with his work. whether it is as an activist, a designer, or an artist, kellan continues to use his creative & entrepreneurial abilities to spread love & to be a champion for the use of innovative business models to address global challenges, and the people's art project is more of the same.

in his mind art was always the logical choice for a project like this. Art, much like love, has a unique ability to rise above the fray and bring humanity together, even in the darkest times. art maintains a special power because it is so deeply interconnected to the history of the human experience and because it has always been something that, at any time, could represent a beacon for hope. forever changing with the people & the times, but always remaining impervious against the negative externalities of mankind. continuously transcending artificial boundaries such as class, race, and national borders. so the answer to "why now?" because the world needs hope right now. because it is inevitable that creative expression must play a role in the building of a brighter future.

all of my creative output, and this project in particular

is built out of a labor of love. not just for black people and black communities but for all of humanity and for the planet we call home. I hope to be able to contribute to my city, to have a positive impact on underrepresented communities & to do my part to help support the organizations around the world doing the important work on the front lines to save our planet from destruction. Its really that simple.”

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impacting the world through art

increasing accessibility & creating impact through art, while simultaneously doing our part to raise the bar for the type of value consumers should expect from businesses when they shop
a better way to do art

the people's art project

is a multi-part project that will expand upon the concept of art for social impact with a focus on increasing the accessibility & impact of art. Overall, the project will be a participatory & collaborative exploration of creativity, impact & social giving with the goal of demonstrating the value that can be provided by art when you remove financial incentives and replace them with impact-focused goals and incentives. the people’s art project will serve as a platform for impact-focused creative expression, featuring innovative and collaborative projects intended to unite creatives, art lovers, galleries, museums, businesses, foundations, and non-profits around the world in an effort to expand upon art for social impact as a impactful + viable economic model.  

access + value

the people's art project will prioritize accessibility at the consumer level by increasing access to ownership of original artwork through the creation & sale of artwork + art-themed products at more accessible quantities + more reasonable price points. We are also taking an additional step to increase the affordability of our products by including flexible payment options for all products. the People's Art Project will also take advantage of the emerging link between art & technology to create innovative, art-centric digital products + experiences that will be accessible to anyone with access to the internet.

access + impact

We will expand consumer participation in impact-focused projects through the use of a "you shop, we give" economic model that creates frictionless participation in the giving economy and thus will increase the impact of art-centric projects + the number of individuals who are able to participate in these types of impact-focused projects. We will donate a minimum of 20% of the profits from all projects/events as funds to select partners organizations and causes.

access + representation

We will prioritize accessibility at the community level By working with local businesses and organizations in the Twin Cities community to raise funds in order to support the availability and accessibility of the arts for underserved youth, as well as, assist young people develop skills in music, arts and entertainment that can lead to long-term employment + economic self-sufficiency. By prioritizing community-level accessibility to the arts we hope to also increase representation of underserved populations in the arts. 

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art for every home